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The State of Data Center Health Management Strategy

Data Center Health Management

Data has become one of the most valuable assets for the 21st century businesses. As a result, data center health management is paramount to ensure flexibility, safety, and efficiency of a data driven organization. A continually developing and changing entity, today’s complex data center requires regular health checks, empowering data center managers to stay on the pulse of their data center facilities in order to maintain business continuity. A preventative versus reactive approach within the data center is paramount to avoiding outages and mitigating downtime. Data center managers can maintain the health of the data center hardware by leveraging automated tools that conduct ongoing monitoring, analytics, diagnostics and remediation functions.

A recent study carried out by Morar Consulting amongst 200 data center managers in the U.K. and U.S. reveals that nearly one in 10 businesses do not have a data center health management system in place, showing that many businesses are potentially exposed to outages costing businesses thousands of dollars per minute in downtime. This report summarized the findings from a study carried out in Spring 2017, highlighting today’s approaches and attitudes toward the implementation of a data center health management strategy.


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