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ABC7 SoCal Spotlight: AIS Insurance

The ABC7 SoCal Spotlight is shining the spotlight on increasing auto insurance rates and getting answers with the help of Auto Insurance Specialists.

According to the California Department of Insurance, many large insurers have been granted rate increases as much as 6 percent a year, and some companies have increased 12 percent or more since 2015. Industry experts expect more increases this year and next.

SoCal Spotlight hit the streets and gave the microphone to real people to ask AIS Insurance about car insurance.

Jesus from Pomona asked, “My insurance rates have risen a lot over the past few years. Why do my premiums keep going up, and what can I do about them?”

Tony Torrez for Auto Insurance Specialists explains to us that our “vehicle is going to cost more to fix this year than it did last year. Why is that? Well because the parts are in demand.”

Vianny Torres gives us another reason as to why our rates are going up — distracted driving.

“Distracted driving really has taken our eyes off the road and away from the vehicle in front of us,” Torres said.

But don’t just assume all rates from different insurance companies are the same.

“Rates for the same driver can vary widely from company to company,” Torrez said. “Most people would be surprised to see how much a rate can vary for them from company to company, which is why it’s important for them to shop around.”

“It’s a good idea to check your rates once a year,” Torres said.

Changes in lifestyle, circumstance and work can all factor in what you pay for insurance. AIS takes the hassle out of shopping around and will shop your rates with different companies on your behalf until they find you the lowest rate. They are a licensed agency with 500 insurance specialists dedicated to serve you.

So if you’ve been faced with rising insurance rates, or just want to check your rates or coverage, just ask AIS. They have the specialists to help you save money on your car insurance. You can find more information or do a rate search at

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