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DNA iCan Marathon: A marathon that celebrates women


Garima Tripathi started Care24 with Vipin Pathak. She undertook this venture to provide ‘in-home patient care’ in India after she had a hard time finding the right caregivers for her parents while she was studying in the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Being a woman who stood up for herself and made the lives of the senior citizen in need of medical attention easier, is also a part of DNA iCan marathon. This year, the marathon is about women running for themselves, and Tripathi’s story resonates with the cause.

Care24 also specialises in cancer care, a definite need of our time.

Garima Tripathi, Co-Founder, Care24


We are proud to be associated with the DNA iCan event for the last few years, and we are happy to get the opportunity this year as well. I believe women empowerment is one of the important factors that will contribute to the betterment of society. Therefore, it is our responsibility to support the events that promote this. Our brand has always supported causes dealing with development, be it supporting foundations for cancer aid, or various NGO’s working on women’s issues. It is a vital part of our CSR initiatives and we aim to achieve it by supporting DNA iCan Women’s Marathon. We will continue supporting this venture and being part of it in the future as well.

Yogesh Lakhani, Chairman & managing director(CMD)


LIC is the proud associate sponsor of DNA iCan. LIC believes in a better future for the country. A better future is closely connected to better health. LIC is sponsoring the DNA iCan Marathon, which also aims for a better future.

LIC has been a nation builder since its inception in 1956 with the main objective of spreading the doctrine of life insurance to every nook and corner of the country.

The Life Insurance Corporation of India, today a premier organisation, has immensely contributed in propagating the message of life insurance and over the years, it has become synonymous with life insurance. We hope to continue the same in the future.

LIC is the associate sponsor for marathon


Psychological preparation:

Of all the running events, the marathon presents the greatest challenges for participants, both physically and mentally.

Meditation can help a runner focus on his or her goals. The benefits are greater when continued for a period of time. Like the body, the mind gets stronger with consistency. We tap into our inner strength and connect with our inherent confidence. Thus, the mind becomes an ally and a tool in our running.

Don’t run with your legs, run with your mind.

Let your extraweight be minimised, let life be once again naturalised, getmickeymised!!!

Dr Mickey Mehta is a Corporate Life Coach and Global Leading Holistic Health Guru


Suman from Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi personifies empowerment! More and more women are taking it upon themselves to propagate empowerment and, in the process, are becoming personifications of empowerment. Suman Parmar (Sonali Nikam) from &TV’s Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi is one such example. A widow who not just takes care of her child and family, butalso runs a parlour and pursues MBA to secure her future.

“Women are multi-taskers who can manage homes and careers both. DNA iCan Marathon promotes this and calls for women to run for themselves,” says actress Sonali Nikam.

Follow Suman’s journey in Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi every Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm only on &TV

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